What makes us different?

What new industrial sectors will we work with?

Personalized work. Our commitment to finding the solutions that each client requires. Our time of response. We are in constant communication.

Over the last years, we’ve been a key player in the development of Chile’s salmon farming industry. With the new IoT developments, we’ll reach all kinds of industries. We’ll get where others can’t.

How do we take on technological development?

We work on it every day. We find strategic partners around the world, so we can stay up to date on the latest and the best. Constant online data transmission, system integration, intelligence, order: IoT is a comprehensive productivity tool designed to enhance projections and planification. Having the right data on time, for taking well-informed decisions.   


Connectivity is at the core of our activity. We’ve achieved a remarkable positioning in Chile’s satellite market. Our greatest achievement is to provide companies with fluid information in real time, regardless of how far they’re located.What has been one of our biggest achievements in image transmission? Let us tell you.

How was Satelnet born?

Let us tell you how we’ve developed as a company and where we’re heading.

Our first goal was to deliver communications. We started by understanding the specifics of each company and committing to them. To get to know their needs. We do our best to understand each business. We specialize in developing solutions, discovering new systems, and obtaining cutting edge technologies.

We are Satelnet. Get to know us.

We know where we come from. Challenging landscapes, wild nature. Remote places, inland as well as at sea. Inhospitable weather. From one of the most austral places in the world, we work to bring connectivity to everybody.

We face a new industrial era. With innovation and cutting-edge technology, we offer new technology solutions for telecommunications and systems integration.

We shake things up in the present, because we’ve already seen the future.

Satelnet Team: Miguel

Get to know Miguel Cárdenas,  our NOC officer.

He makes sure that every system that we install has access to the network.  Along with his team he guarantees full communications operationality,  in order for Satelnet to provide connectivity to places that don’t have any kind of connexion.

Satelnet Team: Liset

She’s Liset Godoy Ortiz, our financial officer.

With a strong passion for accounting, neatness and responsibility, she plays soccer as a hobby. Liset believes that teamwork is the foundation for getting results, in sports as well as at Satelnet.

Satelnet Team: Javiera

Our Account Executive!

She’s responsible for connecting Satelnet with our potential clients, so we can offer a wide array of solutions. All working together to provide Chile with more opportunities for development. Javiera equals growth.

Satelnet Team: Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is our Electronic Engineer!

He’s with us since our beginnings, and we’re proud to rely on him. He is convinced, as all of us are, that Satelnet provides our clients with quick, efficient solutions for their problems. Juan Carlos equals client orientation.

Satelnet Team: Braulio

Our Project Development Manager. He leads an area that researches innovative methods and processes. Our current focus: Internet of Things. The daily challenge is to go beyond what we already know. Braulio equals research and innovation.

Satelnet Team: Luz

The Head of our Accounting Department.Despite her daily immersion in numbers and administrative order, she never loses sight of Satelnet’s vision: helping people to be connected. Luz equals order, analysis and enthusiasm.


Satelnet has developed a new information management system that enables to monitor the external variable elements that can affect operations, since relying on precise information at the right time allows for timely decision making.


Video surveillance improves the productive process through high quality cameras that monitor processes in real time, allowing for well-informed decisions that optimize resources and performance.

We innovate on image compression through our own software, not affecting the other operations of a company.


This service makes it possible for companies that work in remote areas of Chile to have their teams always connected, making corporate content available in any format and in real time.

Adolfo Alvial

After expanding to more than 75 countries, what challenges are in store for Chilean salmoniculture?

As a part of our series “Conversations with experts”, Adolfo Alvial, biologist and expert in salmoniculture, tells us about innovation in the aquaculture industry.

Francisco Ramos

Francisco Ramos, an expert in risk prevention, tells us about the importance of occupational hazards prevention for companies in general and the salmon industry in particular. Preventing risks and protecting workers is the only way for a company to build a motivated and committed human team.

Alejandro González del Riego

Attorney Alejandro Gonzales Del Riego, an expert in the fishing and aquaculture fields, shares his insight about the sectors’ state of things  and the importance of innovation for mitigating risks

At Satelnet, we enjoy our constant interaction with experts and value learning from their experience.  

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